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Spanking Videos – Patricia Spanked

Studio: Paradise Web Productions

Approximate Running Time: 15.48 minutes

Cheeky and sexy Patricia is lying on the bed, propped up with her head and shoulders resting on the headboard. Her legs are parted – with her knees drawn up, revealing her pussy covered with a slim strip of black nylon.

She has a smile that turns up the corners of her mouth as she starts to play with herself – in between flicking channels with the remote she’s holding.

Then in comes her boyfriend. By some coincidence they are both home from work early. He is legitimately home, but what’s her excuse? She’s playing hooky for the third time that week.

He suggests that a good spanking and a sore bottom might teach her the value of the dollar.

Spanking Videos - The spanking starts

Half heartedly she puts up some resistance to that idea – but he is intent on following through with his threat. Turning her sexy body over onto her tummy – he starts spanking her lovely rounded bottom, making her cheeks bounce with the impact and her breasts bounce in unison.

The spanking turns them both on big time. In between spanking her reddening bottom, his big hands caress the rosy cheeks.

Eventually they both end up naked and he slips his cock into her hot juicy pussy from behind.

They both come to a shuddering climax and then collapse onto the bed with exhaustion.

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