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Spanking Videos – No Dinner

Studio: Spanked at Home

Starring: Justine and Arnold

Approximate Running Time: 07.50 minutes

Arnold comes home from work – looking forward to his dinner that Justine will have dutifully prepared for him.

However, where is Justine? She’s not in the kitchen; in fact there is no sign of any activity at all in there.

He finds her lying on the bed playing with the cat.

Spanking Videos - on the bed

Being hungry and at the same time angry with her for her lazy attitude, he determines to give her a spanking punishment that will make her think twice before repeating her action.

Telling her to get on all fours on the bed, he leaves her trembling with trepidation as he goes off to find something to spank her with.

Returning with a two thong leather whip, he soon has her squealing in pain as the leather bites into her still trousered bottom.

Spanking Videos - He whips her trousered bottom

Meanwhile, the cat had abandoned ship as soon as the spanking starts.

Spanking Videos - her bottom is red

But as he wants to see the effect the little whip is having on her, he tells her to pull down her trousers. Now her full rounded bottom; still partially covered in her yellow lacy briefs is visibly turning from pink to cherry red. She turns her face towards him; her eyes pleading for mercy.

Still not convinced that she has had enough spanking, he has her remove her top, then her bra and briefs. Once she is completely naked, he again leaves her kneeling on the bed; hands on her head, while he goes to fetch the cane.

Spanking Videos - The cane makes its mark

Having to count each stroke and thank him for it, keeps her mind focused on the brutal spanking she is receiving.

Spanking Videos - Her eyes plead for mercy

When he believes that she has been dealt with adequately, he orders her to replace her trousers and go and get busy in the kitchen.

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