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Spanking Videos – Laying Down the Law

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Angela Faith as Jill Fenton
and Butch Simms as Officer Brad Steele

Approximate Running Time: 43.00 minutes

I love my work – even if it’s likely to kill me. I’ve just recently had a Pacemaker fitted and I’m not supposed to get excited – well …….

There’s a bit of a buzz from the various studios that are making these ‘Spanking’ Movies. Their dilemma is … should they stick strictly to making movies that are pure spanking or should they take the more natural route and follow through to including sex?

What do you think? Your comments would be very welcome.

Personally, having been on the receiving end of a spanking for over forty five years, I have always been disappointed if safe sex was not part of the spanking.

Obviously, Jill Fenton was in need of a spanking when she attracted the attention of Officer Brad Steele by undressing while driving down the highway. Despite his flashing his lights and sounding his horn, she ignored him and drove the rest of the way home, completely in the nude.

On reaching her home, she dashed out of the car and into the house, carrying her clothes under her arm.

She left him hammering on her door, while she redressed. Only then did she sweetly call for him to ‘Come in.’

Spanking Videos - Just an everyday spanking

Having read the riot act to her and explaining that it is a driving offense to drive down the highway naked. And he was going to write a ticket for her that would mean a heavy fine.

However, after some consideration, he suggests that it might be more appropriate if he was to give her a spanking.
She was elated that she was going to get exactly what she wanted – so she didn’t even put up a token fight.

The OTK spanking he gives her, firstly on top of her clothing then she ends up in the nude again.

Spanking Videos - back in the nude

As the spanking progresses, they are both turned on and it’s no surprise that by the end of the session they are both sexually satisfied. See her treating him to a blow job. Wow!

Spanking Videos - She's enjoying what he's doing

This is a must watch video. Enjoy!!!

Spanking Videos - Is he enjoying himself?

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