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Spanking Videos – Iron Hand


Approximate Running Time: 26.41 minutes

The pretty, dark haired young girl is busy ironing her man’s shirt – when he comes in and insists on putting it on immediately, even though she hadn’t quite finished ironing it yet.

Spanking Videos - Is his shirt ironed yet?

He’s not at all happy with the sleeves and tells her to iron the shirt again, only this time to do it properly.

A few minutes later he comes back – but when he puts the shirt on, he is still dissatisfied with it, so he leaves her to try again.

Spanking Videos - he puts her over his knee

Third time was obviously not lucky for her, because he puts her over his knee and flipping up her short ra ra skirt, he proceeds to give her a very sore red bottom, first by spanking her with his hand – then with a leather paddle.

Spanking Videos - She has a very sore red bottom

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