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Spanking Videos – I Married a Brat

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Samantha Woodley and Gino Coletti

Approximate Running Time: 27.16 minutes

Tom is not too happy to find his pretty young wife skipping in the back garden instead of getting ready to go to a barbeque at his boss’s house.

Nancy doesn’t want to go; she thinks Tom’s boss and his wife are boring and as for their friends – they are just the pits.

Spanking Videos - He spanks her in the back garden

So he lectures her about being so childish and tells her to go and get ready immediately. She refuses to do so. He tells her he’s going to spank her, but she runs around the table tennis table evading him – until he outwits her and gives her a spanking there and then.

After the spanking, still sulking she goes indoors. He believes he’s got through to her and she is now going to do what is expected of her.

Spanking Videos - Yet another spanking on her already sore bottom

Half an hour later, he goes to check up on her – how is she progressing? What does he find? She’s sat on the couch in the lounge eating an ice cream cone, while reading a magazine – and definitely no signs of getting dressed.

With a big sigh – he sits down on the couch next to her and starts lecturing her again. He can’t believe it when she rubs her ice cream into his face. That’s it! Wiping his face and taking the ice cream off her, he puts her over his knee and gives her a long hard spanking. Again she is ordered to grow up and go and get ready.

Spanking Videos - Another trip over his knee

Later that evening, they are back home and he is very annoyed with her. She had too much to drink at the barbeque and was very rude to his boss. So again she is upended over his knee for some serious carpet studying.

Again it’s a long hard spanking, where he uses several implements on her bare bottom and carries on spanking her until she shows real contrition.

Sitting on his knee for a cuddle, she promises to send a card to his boss and his wife, apologizing for being so rude at the barbeque.

Tom believes that he has finally tamed his brat of a wife. Has he? What do you think?

Another very enjoyable movie from Shadow Lane.

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