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Spanking Videos – How Spanking Saved the Planet

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Beverly Bacci as Bree and William West as Will

Approximate Running Time: 38.07 minutes

To Will it made perfect sense – Bree should move in with him and it would save on the household expenses.

But first he made it clear to her that he ran a green house. She was happy with that idea and said she wanted to grow orchids. However, he pointed out to her that that wasn’t the kind of green house he meant. He meant conserving energy. So she nodded her head and agreed with what he said. She even suggests that if she wastes energy, he could put her over his knee and spank her. She then totters out of the room on her high heals – she has an appointment with her Personal Trainer.

Six weeks later, Will comes home from work, to find her with all the lights on all over the house and the fire is on in the lounge, despite it being a warm evening.

When he tells her off, she pouts at him and says she has to be warm and have plenty of light or she is miserable.

He’s exasperated with her. After their discussion about conserving energy, he’s received his utility bills and they are almost double what they used to be. So, he decides a good spanking may drive the lesson home – and as he says to her – it was her idea anyway.

He hauls her kicking and squealing over the knee. She is very indignant and protests that she was only joking about spanking her.

Spanking Videos - He puts her over his knee

But he is deadly serious and sets about turning her pretty pale cheeked bottom into a very red very sore looking one.

Initially he starts spanking her on top of her dress. Then as the spanking progresses he pulls up her dress and carries on spanking her on top of her pale blue frilly knickers – followed by them being pulled down and the remainder of the twenty minute spanking is on her bare bottom.
She wriggles and squeals, but he has a very firm hold of her and there is no escape.

He has a breakthrough with her, when she seems to be ready to negotiate with him about how she could help save energy in future.

So that spanking comes to an end.

Six weeks later, he again comes home from work – to find her lounging about with the heating full on. He asks her what she had done that day, and she says she went for an interview, because what they feared had happened – she was laid off from her previous job. She also went shopping and bought some new shoes.

He shook his head in disbelief at her wastefulness.

Then taking her by surprise, he upends her and she finds herself lying over his knee again. She is in for another long hard spanking, with his hand – then the hairbrush.

Spanking Videos - She finds herself over his knee again

He wanted her to do some work around the house, eg washing the dishes, making the bed, even some gardening. But being a spoiled brat, she tells him she doesn’t do housework and hasn’t a clue how to do gardening.

They are both as determined as the other. He intends to go on spanking her until she gives in and she has no intention of giving in.

But the fire that has been ignited in her poor bottom finally becomes unbearable and she reluctantly agrees to going to the kitchen to wash up and prepare the evening meal.

Meanwhile, Will hopes that his spanking her has helped save the planet.

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