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Spanking Videos – Hands Up!

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Kathrin and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 6.09 minutes

Kathrin is a new student at Girls Boarding School and Headmaster Tom and the teachers are delighted with her. In her tests she is getting ‘A’s’ for all her subjects.

Spanking Videos - Waiting for HM Tom

However, there is a problem that despite encouragement from the teaching staff, her handwriting is so bad; it took Headmaster Tom two hours to decipher her latest test answers. She has got a very neat handwriting as she proved at one time – but she must take her time and not be so slap dash over it.

Spanking Blog - she holds out her hands

Now, he has decided that as talking is not working, it’s time to take action.

Spanking Videos - She changes hands

He uses a leather tawse on the palms of her hands. When she begs him to stop as it is hurting so much, he tells her to take down her jeans and knickers. This is meant to remind her that if she complains anymore, he will be using a cane on her bare bottom instead.

Spanking Blog - The end of the punishment

So he leaves her with two very red, very sore palms.

She is to go back to her room and rewrite the latest test in her best handwriting.

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