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Spanking Videos – Bedtime Punishment

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Keagen and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 14.40 minutes

Headmaster Tom is relieved when there is a knock on his door and Keagen comes in.

She is holding a pad to the right side of her face and looking very sorry for herself.

Spanking Videos - She's so sorry for herself

He is showing concern for her after her terrible ordeal at the dentist and she tells him that she is in agony since the removal of two of her teeth.

spanking Videos - over his knee

Still full of sympathy, he sends her to her room to relax. However, as she is about to go out of the room – he calls her back and orders her to go and stand in a corner.

Protesting loudly she obeys him. While she has her back to him, he tells her he’s phoning the dentist to check whether she did go.

Realising that carrying on with the lies was not going to serve her, she then admits that she didn’t turn up at the dentist. Her fear of the operation was stronger than the genuine pain she was in.

He sends her to her room – promising to join her very soon – he’s going to punish her for lying to him.

Spanking Videos - she has a sore red bottom

Pulling her down over the knee, he proceeds to give her a hand spanking on top of her tight blue jeans. The pain in her bottom makes her forget about the pain in her mouth.

Then telling her to get up – he’s going to get the paddle and she should be in position waiting for him – kneeling on the bed with her trousers down.

On his return with the big wooden paddle, he tells her to also pull down her knickers.

The paddle makes contact with her poor quivering bottom and she is mortified when he phones Mr Robinson the dentist and she has to apologize to him – while Headmaster Tom is actually paddling her bare bottom.

Spanking Videos - Rubbing the pain away

When the spanking is over, he leaves her kneeling on the bed rubbing at her sore red bottom; regretting her decision to lie to him.

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