Firm Hand Spankings

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Spanking Videos – Be Careful

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Elin and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 15.28 minutes

Elin isn’t in trouble yet.

She’s sat on the couch typing on her laptop – when Headmaster Tom comes in.

She’s acting as the school’s typist.

He gives her a document that needs typing within an hour and tells her it’s the original – so she must take great care of it and whatever she does she must not knock over the glass of coke she is drinking from.

Spanking Videos - accepting the document

She gets busy on it right away.

Then oops! It happens. The liquid spreads in all directions. Poor Elin is frantic. What can she do?

She phones Headmaster Tom and breaks the bad news to him.

Spanking Videos - he starts hand spanking her

Within minutes, he has joined her, surveying the damage.

He tells her he’s not annoyed by what has happened – he’s furious. The ruined contract was worth thousands of dollars.

His solution is to phone the person who provided the contract and humble himself – begging for another one to be prepared. Luckily, the benefactor agrees, as long as Elin is severely punished for it and he hastily assures him that that is about to happen.

Spanking Videos - he starts using the belt on her

He reddens her bare bottom with his hand spanking, then, orders her to clean the spillage from the table.

Putting one of the cushions from the couch onto the table, and he orders her to remove all her clothes and lie over the cushion.

His doubled leather belt makes contact with her already sore bottom, causing the redness to change to an even deeper red and bruising soon follows.

Eventually, all bad things come to an end. And he leaves her to dress again.

Spanking Videos - her ordeal is over

She rubs gently at her throbbing bottom, trying to rub away the hurt.

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