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Spanking Videos - Baba The Brave TeenYou can tell from the beginning that Baba is special.

She’s warmly introduced as a young girl “with a beautiful smile” — which is the tip of the iceberg, with this girl, a real dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty. Gorgeous! And only 18… but take a look at the strength in her eyes, she’s not intimidated. At all. “I’m not afraid” she tells him frankly when he explains how the audition will go. .

She’s charmingly demure and even a little tongue-tied under Lomp’s personal questions. She’s never stripped for men before, certainly not for money.

“Remove your cardigan,” she’s told (she obliges).

“The pullover now. And look at me all the time!”

She slips off her pullover, revealing dangerous curves and amazing breasts. Baba seems to have put Lomp into a very dominant state of mind, as he barks at her to remove her lime green bra, “Move it!” He snaps a whip or something off-camera, to hurry her along.

Baba suppresses a bemused smirk. She’s a tough cookie. She’s into this — ready to take his orders.

Off come her tight jeans , with sheer black pantyhose underneath. Off they come, and now she stands before us in white school girlie underpants alone.

Lomp asks her if she’s ever had anal sex — she has, and it hurt very much. Would she like to do it again? No… Would she scream if he fucked her up the ass with a half-meter- long dildo? Not just yes but hell yes.

Next she says something surprising: she’s never sucked cock. Never! Lomp leaves that one alone for now, and coaches her to remove her panties. She reflexively covers herself, but Lomp instructs her to sit back in the chair, spread her legs wide…Then Baba finally, shyly, reveals her pussy . For someone with a perfect set of fake nails, Baba is a little lax in the crotch-scaping department. Her grooming lapse is kind of endearing, though. Lomp quizzes her on when her last shave was. Day before yesterday? Why didn’t she shave this morning?

As he talks, he fiddles with some office clips — Baba is distracted by his questions and is taken aback when he clamps the first one down. Ouch! You can see she’s concentrating on keeping her composure. The camera zooms in nicely, providing close-ups of her strained, quivering pussy lips. He wiggles the clips off, twists her lips. “Ahhhh… Ahhhh… OWW!” she cries out as looks at him, considering her situation. She almost looks like she doesn’t believe she’s here, and then she sees the whip and her eyes grow as wide as dinner plates. She reflexively brings her hands around to the front of her body, shielding between her legs.

Spanking Videos - Baba The Brave Teen 1

“Don’t…” she tells him, pleading, but then she braces herself nonetheless for Lomp’s many-tailed whip. Blows fall upon her pussy, increasing in intensity from light spanks to full-on whacks. She cries out wonderfully, keeping her legs obediently spread, and her eyes shining upon Lomp as instructed. She’s in pain, but a glimmer in her eye betrays her secret: she’s having fun, being used this way. Good girl.

She looks with interest at the rest of the implements before her. Lomp stands her up & moves in behind her, reaching around for her ripe, full breasts. She watches as he diddles her nipple, then pinches it with an office clip. Great camera work, here, as the lens focuses in on her pick nubs… She howls through the torture, but keeps still for Lomp as he wiggles her breasts and spanks them with a riding crop.

She yowls and yowls, the blows descending upon her young tits and stubbly pussy. I like how she maintains earnest eye contact, as if that will spare her pain. “Men like to be blown, don’t they? You must serve men!” she’s told, as she stands there, naked, hands behind her back: enduring Lomp’s punishments.

“Have you ever been tied up?” Lomp wants to know, and Baba’s eyes fill with fear & apprehension. He shackles her wrists behind her back, around a cold metal pole. He shows her a wide leather strap, and raps it against her upper thighs & pussy. Baba pants, rolls her yes… and finally breaks out in sobs.

Lomp keeps going! He returns to the riding crop, and spatters her entire body with sharp, stinging raps. Then, he introduces her to the stock whip — holy crap! Baba’s face contorts, her body trembles. Lomp holds the whip across her body, giving her the feel for it. She shudders and wails, then practically jumps out of her skin when he swooshes the whip around, demonstrating its power. “Stand the pain!” he instructs, but Baba shakes and bawls even louder. The girl is obviously terrified (and with good reason).

Blows fall across her belly & breasts; welts appear immediately. Baba shrieks and squirms under Lomp’s assault, the sound of whip cracks intensifying the drama even more. With a crop, Lomp slaps the office clips off her tortured nipples, “Do you promise to blow your boyfriend?” he asks her, and of course she’ll agree to anything at this point, to stop the pain. Her panicked yelling echoes through the studio…

Spanking Videos - Baba The Brave Teen 2

Lomp mercilessly twists her sore nipples, and Baba screams & sobs accordingly. He teases them with his crop again, and she is practically hysterical under his assault. Fortunately, her audition is almost over. But not before one last test!

Lomp unfastens her wrists and leads her, still crying, to a wide plank, where she’s instructed to lie face-down & spread her legs wide. “I’m going to strike you with a real leather whip,” he informs her firmly but rather tenderly, caresses her back & butt. Of course, these strokes turn to smacks, and then he reaches for the whip. She yowls through five solid strikes, choking on her tears.

“Could you withstand even more?” Lomp wants to know — not for the audition, but if she’s hired for a film, could she put up with more? Though Baba’s face is contorted with anguish, she tells him, yes. She could take more.

Lomp seems impressed. “You’re a wonderful girl, you’re very brave” He certainly seems taken with this strong, lovely young woman. Who wouldn’t be? Elite Pain has found a gold mine –a star is born!

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