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Spanking Videos – Au Pair Girl

Studio: Cheeky Video

Approximate Running Time: 49.34 minutes

Sarah is an English girl working in Greece for a Greek woman and her Scottish husband.

Her employers were going out for the evening – the theatre, then for a meal.

After they had gone, Sarah wandered about the flat. Tony had left his wallet on the table, so she opened it and put some of the money into the pocket of her jeans. Still wandering around, she opened her bosses’ jewellery box and put a ring on her finger.

Then Tony comes in and goes right to his wallet. Checking its contents – he realises that £40 is missing.

Husband and wife have a discussion; it seems that Sarah has been stealing from them for some time.

An immediate decision to punish her is acted on.

Despite Sarah denying being a thief, when the missing money is found in her pocket – denial was futile.

Spanking Videos - A Spanking is imminent

She has the choice – instant dismissal or a spanking. As she wants and needs the job, she reluctantly agrees to the spanking.

Spanking Videos - the wife starts the spanking

The wife takes the initiative and puts Sarah over her knee. Then Tony has his turn at hand spanking her.

The couple keep changing positions, so that poor Sarah didn’t know which way was up.

Spanking Videos - she was spanked by each in turn

By the time they had finished with her, she had a very red sore bottom. This was achieved by using their hands, a slipper, a paddle and finally a cane.

Spanking Videos - the final spanking

However, it’s possible they might have to repeat the whole thing again, as Sarah, seemed to enjoy herself and they certainly enjoyed dealing with her.

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