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Spanking Videos – An American Brat in London

Studio: Strictly English

Approximate Running Time: 38.25 minutes

Nicky is in such trouble with her uncle.

What can she have done to bring this upon herself? Standing in front of him – she’s confused as to why he’s reading the riot act to her.

He soon makes it clear to her, that as a guest in his house, she has certain responsibilities regarding the smooth running of the house.

Her uncle is extremely annoyed with her – she is so slovenly. After taking a bath she leaves the bathroom looking like a bomb site – her dirty clothing is lying strewn around the room. And she eats a meal and walks away from the table, leaving the dirty dishes still sitting there.

So he goes on to tell her that unless she bucks up her ideas by taking on some household chores, he’s going to have to resort to teaching her some good old fashioned English discipline.

The silly girl pushes him too far and finds herself lying over his knee. Despite her struggling to get free and protesting loudly – he goes on to turning her virginally white bare bottom into a very red sore looking one.

Spanking Videos - she finds herself over his knee

He continues with the spanking until she shows some signs of being sorry – genuinely sorry, not just paying lip service.

After she agrees to wash her own clothes and wash the dishes, not to mention tidying up after herself in the bathroom, he ends the spanking, but with the threat that if he has to spank her again it will be with the cane.

Spanking Videos - using the hairbrush on her bare bottom

He has reason to spank her again the very next morning, when she expects to be waited on hand and foot. It’s eleven o’clock and she wants to know what’s for breakfast. She is rather put out when he tells her breakfast was two hours ago. Meanwhile, there’s a sink full of dirty dishes and she should wash them immediately.

Again, she goes full steam ahead, being a cheeky brat – ignoring his warnings of what’s to come if she continues along that route.

Once more her slim shapely body is lying face down over his knee. With his hand, he soon brings her still reddened bottom back to a deep cherry red.

He keeps his promise and fetches a cane, allowing her to hold it and spitefully she snaps it in two. He’s very annoyed with her, but tells her that he’s going to get another cane, that’s thicker and heavier than the one she broke.

This cane viciously bites into her tender young flesh, bringing raised blue / white weals to the surface.

Spanking Videos - Trying in vain to rub away the soreness

She threatens that she’s going to phone her parents in America – she is sure that they will be aghast at the way he’s treating her; he tells her to go ahead and points to the phone. A few minutes later a rather subdued Nicola puts down the receiver.

Her parents had approved of the way her uncle was treating her. They hoped some good old fashioned English discipline would change their spoiled brat of a daughter – into a daughter they could be proud of.

Nicky does not change her ways overnight, but her uncle persists in spanking and caning her until finally she does.

This is a movie for the otk enthusiast. Nicky’s flouncing about and her constant back chat – you know what’s going to happen to her, but she doesn’t seem to realize.

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