Firm Hand Spankings

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Spanking Videos – A Lover’s Quarrel

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Shannon Rose and Max

Approximate Running Time: 48.59 minutes

Max is busy sorting out bills that need paying and writing out cheques.

Shannon is also busy, goading him. She is being a total brat and seems to be determined to get some reaction from him, but the silly girl doesn’t know when she’s gone too far.

When he finally snaps and tells her he’s going to give her a very long overdue spanking, she still doesn’t take him seriously – that is until she finds herself upended lying over his knee.

Spanking Videos - He is serious about spanking her

Despite her wriggling about over his knee, it’s a battle of wills between them and he tells her he’s going to keep on spanking her until she is sincerely sorry for being such a cheeky brat. When he asks her if she understands, her nonchalant reply is ‘Whatever’. That is definitely one word that Max dislikes intensely. So that lengthens the spanking even more. He goes on to tell her that everytime she uses that word in future – she will be spanked.

Half an hour later, still dangling over his knee, with her knickers pulled down to mid thigh and her bare bottom is a deep rosy red, she has stopped being cheeky, so he let’s her get up and go to bed.

Next day she gets home from work – she’s in trouble again. He has an envelope in his hand – it’s addressed to her. He recognises it as being either a speeding fine or a parking ticket. She tries to lie her way out of trouble, but when he insists on her opening it, she does so very reluctantly, which is not surprising as it’s a speeding fine. She was going at 95 miles an hour in a built up area.

Spanking Videos - back over his knee again

So, even though she had had that long painful spanking the day before, she was soon lying back over his knee for another spanking. He has trouble getting her to understand that when she’s speeding, she is not only endangering her own life but that of other people too.
However, she is still anything but contrite and he’s determined to keep on spanking her until she sees sense.

A wooden backed clothes brush makes her reddened bottom redder still, but has she learned her lesson?

Spanking Videos - Will his belt make an impression?

No way. When he removes his belt from his trousers and ……

If you are a bare bottom otk enthusiast, this movie is a must watch. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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