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Spanking Video Reviews – The Flirty Girlfriend


Approximate Running Time: 11.44 minutes

He’d taken her out for a special evening out. Now they are home and he’s livid with her.

Spanking begins

She is puzzled why he’s ranting and raving at her. He soon enlightens her – she had spent the evening flirting with several of the other guys and he’s so jealous. He’s going to teach her a lesson in manners. When she goes to a party / dance with her boyfriend, she shouldn’t abandon him for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Her poor bottom is very sore and red

So he handcuffs her and fastens her wrists so that her arms are above her head and he starts to spank her. His hand makes contact with her bottom many times causing her to squirm about. Also, in order to humiliate her, he strips her and carries on with the spanking.

Spanking hurts so badly

Telling her he’s going to give her another fifty spanks on her already sore bare bottom and she must count them. She miscounts – so he starts all over again.

He further humiliates her by forcing her to kneel in front of him – unzipping his trousers he pulls out his rampant cock and rams it into her mouth and down her throat, making her gag.

For the final stage of her punishment, he introduces her to a new toy he had bought especially for this spanking ordeal. Each time he gently touches her bottom with it she squeals and whimpers …………..

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