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Spanking Video Reviews – Punished by the Plumber

Studio: California Star Productions

Starring: Mrs Baxter

Approximate Running Time: 25.50 minutes

Mrs Baxter’s husband had given her £50 to pay the plumber who was going to replace the waste disposal unit that was broken.

Spanking - She can't pay the bill

Mr Jones did the job and presented her with the bill for £300 and when she apologized for not having the money, he decided to cancel the bill if she would just accommodate him by taking a spanking and a caning.

Spanking begins

Reluctantly she agreed to this – even though he did warn her that she was in for a very painful half hour.

He gave her a warm up hand spanking over his knee. She took the spanking bravely, although her large shapely bottom was soon turned from a smooth white area, to a quivering glistening cherry red.

Spanking with a paddle

At his command she removed all her clothing, including her shoes and he proceeded with the spanking – using a couple of paddles instead of his hand – by which time she was protesting that it was hurting – his response was to carry on, just reminding her that a spanking was meant to hurt.

Spanking with a cane

Eventually, he used the cane – that was whippy and left lines across her bottom. As he didn’t say how many strokes he was going to give her, she had no idea how many more she was going to receive. She had already received about eighteen strokes when he told her he was going to give her six more and that would be the end.

Mr Jones was very satisfied that he had received payment in kind and he ripped up the bill.

Spanking leaves marks

After he had left, Mrs Baxter rubbed her sore smarting bottom – wondering how she was going to hide the welts from her husband’s gaze. She then dressed in readiness for her lunch date.

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