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Spanking Video Review – The Butler Did Them

Spanking Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Angela Faith, Jazmine Lei and Butch Simms

Approximate Running Time: 56.25 minutes

Angela enjoys playing Lady of the Manor.

However, Simms her butler is not too happy as his last month’s salary check bounced.

To appease him, she says she’s going to the bank to draw money for him.

While she is out, her new maid Jazmine finds Angela’s purse and fearing she too may not be paid, stuffs a £5 note down her bra.

Simms comes into the room and sees her doing it. Telling her he can’t allow her to steal from her mistress; he puts her over his knee and spanks her. It is a long drawn out spanking that evidently turns them both on big time.

She takes a spanking on her pretty bottom.

So that when Angela returns from the bank – she finds her staff having it off on her couch.

Sucking cock after spanking.

She rants and raves at them both. Jazmine the maid blames Simms and he defends himself – saying that as she is not paying him – due to the checks he receives, bouncing, he feels he has the right to get some pleasure from life.

She then orders him to get on with his duties.

Once he leaves the room, she puts Jazmine over her knee and starts turning the young girl’s beautiful bottom into a blazing inferno, this is in order to teach her a lesson – her first day in a new job and she is already causing trouble.

The mistress spanking the maid

Hearing the commotion, Simms comes to investigate and sees his mistress spanking poor Jazmine, who is squirming about and squealing.

He decides to turn the tables on his mistress and she finds herself lying over his knee.

Soon her bottom is a deep cherry red.

It turns into a sexy spanking inspired romp.

He suggests to Jazmine that she gets her own back for the spanking she has received from her mistress. So now, Angela is being spanked by her butler and maid.

It doesn’t take too long before the three of them are enjoying a romp on the couch. There is a lot of cock sucking and fucking doggy style.

A good time was had by all.

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