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Spanking Video Review – Worse for Wear

Spanking Studio: California Star Productions

Spanking Stars: Nicole and Christian

Approximate Running Time: 24 minutes

Nicole is visiting her old friend Christian. She’s on a mission.

Her boyfriend Spencer is not keeping her happy like he did when they first met. In fact, she’s finding him rather boring.

However, Christian is a different story. He’s what she considers to be a real man. He listens to her ranting on about poor Spencer, and then tells her she should make more effort herself.

This answer is not what Nicole wants to hear from him.

Christian’s phone rings, and it happens to be Spencer. Feeling that things have not been going well with him and Nicole, he is phoning Christian for advice on how to handle her.He positions her for an otk spanking

Christian’s expression changes and he listens carefully.

At the end of the call, he looks at Nicole very sternly. He tells her he’s shocked by what Spencer has told him – she has emptied his bank account.

He’s so indignant on behalf of his friend, he believes that Nicole deserves punishment via a corporal spanking on the spot

Nicole finds herself lying over Christian’s lap, ready for a well-deserved over the knee spanking.

He is spanking her with a paddle

His bare hand spanking changes Nicole’s bare bottom from pink to a deep cherry red. She squeals in protest, but doesn’t try to escape the spanking she knows she deserves. Christian notices and accuses her of deriving pleasure from his spanking punishment.

A brutal caning

After using an assortment of implements on her sore bare bottom, including a cane, the spanking comes to an end.

Sitting side by side on the couch, each with a glass of wine in their hand, he indicates that he has other ideas of what he’s going to do with her glowing bare bottom.

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