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Spanking Video Review – The Trick

Spanking Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Starring: Skylar
Approximate Running Time: 28.08 minutes

Skylar has arrived for her appointment with two amateur videographers.

It’s obvious that they are nervous and her giggling also shows that she too is nervous.

They promise to pay her if she will let one of them spank her – and meanwhile, the other one videos the whole thing.

When asked if she has ever been spanked before, she tells them ‘yes’ a couple of times.

Her mind goes back to a previous spanking

We are then shown her having a flash back to her previous spankings. Judging by the way she twitched her bottom as the spanker’s hand made contact with her ever-reddening backside – she definitely enjoyed it.

But now, it’s time for her once again to succumb to a spanking.

Is she suffering from this spanking?

She has already removed all of her clothing. The two young men sucked in their breath at her beautiful and sexy body.

They position her on the bed. She is on all fours – her thighs parted to reveal her moist pussy.

The spanking starts with his hand. The camera pans in on her bottom, getting some lovely shots, then leaving her sore red bottom and moving to her anxious face.

When asked if the spanking hurt her, she says ‘a little’ so, it is decided to step it up a little and use a strap.

The strap snakes across her bottom and is allowed to trail between her cheeks. However, if she is turned on by this, she doesn’t show it.

The session ends with her bottom glowing bright red.

She gets dressed.

Gratefully, she accepts the bundle of notes she is handed.

the spanking continues

The two young men congratulate themselves on cleverly tricking her into agreeing to a spanking.

Skylar is laughing to herself as she leaves them, because she has tricked them.

She who laughs last laughs longest after a spanking

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