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Spanking Video Review – The Spanking Professor

Spanking Studio: Shadow Lane

Spanking Stars: Raven, Erica Scott and Steve Fuller

Approximate Running Time: 43.29 minutes

Charlotte has been summoned to Professor Woodward’s home. Her expectations of how the meeting would progress – are a far cry from what she would have liked to happen.

He explains to her that the way she has been stalking him is an embarrassment and he’s asked her to come and see him – with the intention of persuading her to stop her foolish behavior.

But Charlotte is not listening. She declares her undying love for him. Eventually he comes to the realization that the only way to deal with her is to give her a spanking.

She thinks that’s a wonderful idea because after all isn’t a spanking just part of foreplay that then leads on to lovemaking, which is what she most desires in her foolish young heart.

However, once she is sprawled over his knee, it doesn’t take her long to come to the conclusion that she wasn’t getting a play spanking and it hurt like hell.

Getting the spanking she deserves

But being the brat that she is, she still tries to change his mind – offering herself to him.

As her bottom is bared and the spanking proceeds, her lush cheeks are becoming redder and sorer looking by the minute. He tells her he intends to keep on spanking her until she promises not to stalk him anymore.

At first it seems like stalemate, but his punishing hand relentlessly making contact with her bottom means she has no choice but to give in and promise to leave him alone.

A brat to the end – she tells him his own wife is the talk of the campus – as she is free and easy with her body, with all the men and boys.

Part Two

Faculty Wife

Professor Woodward was not at all happy to be informed by one of his own students, of his wife’s infidelity. So he’s waiting for her when she comes home.

She’s been shopping and is very keen to show him what she has bought.

However, he’s in no mood to be cajoled – his intention is to stop her sleeping around so ensuring that the only man in her life is him.

He his cheating wife a spanking

She tries coaxing him. When that fails she tries insulting him, which makes him livid.

Even when she finds herself lying over his knee, she still keeps up with the cheek and brattiness.

He thinks she should get a job to help out with the household expenses. Now this idea does not sit well with her at all. If she had a job, she wouldn’t be able to have her various coaches eg tennis, swimming and a fitness coach. And there is where the problem lies – her coaches are all men.

After a long hard spanking, she agrees to change her coaches to all women instead.

So they compromise – she will be faithful, keeping herself only unto him – he agrees that she doesn’t have to get a job.

Therefore, they are two happy bunnies.

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