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Spanking Video Review – Spank Me Hard

Spanking Studio: Paradise Web
Approximate Running Time: 18.38 minutes

Part One

Sitting at her very cluttered dressing table, she’s blow-drying her hair, when the man of the house comes home from work.

Asking her what she has been doing all day, she admits she’s been drying her hair all day.

He starts picking things up then replacing them on the dressing table – then he sees them – a packet of cigarettes. He’s shocked. She had promised to give up smoking.

For her own good, he realizes that it is up to him to nip the filthy habit in the bud.

A spanking is a must

Therefore, he starts spanking her. She squirms about – kicking wildly with her legs, in an effort to escape his punishing hand.

He turns her white bare bottom to a deep red.

Eventually, he stops spanking her and pulls her up so that she is sitting on his knee, instead of lying over it.

Then telling her she deserves a treat he lights up a ………..

Part Two

Couple number two are having a bit of a domestic. Lying on the bed, he wants to take control of the TV Remote, but she is not going to just hand it to him.

Who is going to win this battle?

They are both determined to win this battle, however, because he’s bigger and stronger than she is, she finds herself being rolled over onto her tummy, so that her squirming bottom is available to his hard hand.

She struggles violently – so much so, that he has to hold onto her to keep her in a decent spanking position.

The spanking comes to an end – only once he’s satisfied that she will give in to his demand for the remote.

Like all quarrels between two lovers, they end up kissing and cuddling and ….

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