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Spanking Video Review – Samara Spanking


Starring: Samara

Approximate Running Time: 16.27 minutes

As the bright sunshine streams through her bedroom window – Samara is still sleeping like a baby.

Her big brother, not realizing that she is still in bed, comes into her room looking for his phone.

In bed before her spanking

He’s obviously feeling very resentful – why his little sister gets away with murder, while he takes corporal spanking from their father for the stupidest reasons. Although Samara does have a job, she is inclined to take days off when she is tired and wants to sleep in.

Samara gets her spanking

So big brother decides to take his resentment out by spanking his sister’s spoiled bottom.

The bed covers are unceremoniously dragged off her sleeping form, and he begins dealing Samara a spirited hand spanking.

He progressively removes her pajamas and knickers – while shifting her position and spanking her ever reddening wobbling bottom cheeks. Until eventually he puts her naked body over his knee for a further otk spanking.

He inserts a thermometer while spanking her

As she tells him she’s sick and can’t go to work, he inserts a thermometer into her anus – when it beeps, it shows her temperature is normal. So he carries on spanking her for a few more minutes.

he carries on with the spanking

But he has a job to go to, so he tells her to get dressed and she should also go to work.

He leaves her rubbing her sore red bottom.

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