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Spanking Video Review – Punishment Past Due

Spanking Studio: Shadow Lane
Starring: Ava Barton, Angel Black and Alex Dominiquez
Approximate Running Time: 36.20 minutes

Anna and Belinda were about to sign a contract for the tenancy of a very classy apartment. The landlord leaves them alone for a few moments – Anna is a bit uneasy – how are they going to pay the deposit and rent, seeing as they had no money in the first place?

However, Belinda suggests that they bluff it out; after all, what could he do to them.

So, all is signed, sealed and legal. They give him a check for the deposit.

Meanwhile, the girls settle into their new home.

The girls are happy with their new apartment

They attack a rare Ming vase, until a large crack appears in it. Then they ask him to come and take a look at it. They tell him that the crack in the vase devalues the property; therefore, he should reduce their rent.

But, he is already regretting taking on these two young ladies as his new tenants, because when he deposits the check into his bank account it bounces so high it goes into orbit.

Anna is first to get an OTK spanking

Still trying to bluff their way out of trouble, they tell him to redeposit the check the next day, as they will be getting paid. He soon susses out that they have no job, meaning they have no money.

He tells them they are a couple of brats and suggests they take a spanking in lieu of the rent. Anna and Belinda think the idea is hilarious, but they soon stop laughing once he has them draped over his knee.

Anna is first to be spanked. He starts the spanking on top of her tight black skirt. Then as the spanking progresses, he pulls the skirt up to her waist and carries on reddening her bottom on her flimsy knickers. The final indignity is when he bares her bottom.

Now it's Belinda's turn for a corporal spanking

Once he has turned her cheeks into a bright fiery red, he lets her get up and tells Belinda that it’s time she was over his knee. She is not as compliant as her friend and makes a fuss, squealing and wriggling about. Nevertheless, despite her struggling, she still ends up with a very sore red bottom, just like Anna’s.

Now the girls think it’s all over. But when he suggests that he be allowed to strap them and promises to let them carry on living in his house – rent free for a while they go for it.

He has them lying on their tummies, then unbuckles his leather belt, withdrawing it from its loops. After a couple of false starts, until he finds the best way of holding the belt, he makes their red bottoms even redder.

He makes the best of the situation – of having the two brats at his mercy and goes on to using several other implements, before he is satisfied that they have been punished enough.

Two bottoms ready for a strap spanking

Anna and Belinda agree to his final suggestion of getting two more girls to share the house with them, in order to help pay the rent.

Could he be thinking how nice it will be to have two more young ladies to spank?

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