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Spanking Video Review – Nikki the Maid

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Nikki Dublais

Approximate Running Time: 40.35 minutes

Nikki knocked on the door, she waited for a moment, but getting no response she lets herself into the hotel room of a new guest.

The room was a tip and she grumbled to herself about not knowing where to start.

Try as she could – she couldn’t get up any enthusiasm for her job as Room Maid. So she wandered around the room aimlessly, until she saw a large holdall that was gaping wide open. Her curiosity was aroused as she brought out a few of the contents – she was puzzled as to their possible use.

She was so engrossed in her voyage of discovery that she didn’t realise she was no longer alone. The hotel guest came out of the bathroom, taking in at a glance what was going on – he sat down on the bed, pulling her squealing and protesting over his knee.

He hauls her over his knee for an otk spanking

Her grey trousers are tightly stretched across her very shapely bottom. As his hand makes contact with her squirming bottom – it bounces back.

Then when she has a very sore bottom; he orders her to stand in a corner and not to rub.

The spanking continues

When he comes back into the room he catches her rubbing her tender bottom. So she finds herself once more lying over his knee.

Eventually, at his insistence, her clothes come off and he continues with the spanking on her very red and sore looking bare bottom.

A knock on the door and it’s the hotel manager, doing a spot check. He enters the room and sees his Room Maid lying over the knee of one of the hotel’s guests.

She has been truly well spanked

He is all in favour of corporal punishment, especially as Nikki has been stealing from the guests for some time.

However, he doesn’t think the spanking she has received up to that moment is sufficient – so he asks the hotel guest if he may carry on.

Nikki finds herself lying over her boss’s knee for a further spanking.

He introduces her to a couple of the items from the holdall that she had been looking through. She finds the hairbrush particularly painful.

Once he is satisfied that she has been dealt with adequately, he lets her stand up and rub her poor bottom, before he orders her to redress and get on with her duties.

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