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Spanking Video Review – Molly Gets Spanked

Studio: Dominant Divas

Starring: Rick and Molly

Approximate Running Time: 30.00 minutes

Molly is hot – very hot. She’s feeling so randy.

Lying on the bed, her legs wide open and knees up to her chin. She starts pleasuring herself by pulling aside the crutch of her knickers and using the middle finger of her right hand to play with her clit.

However, this doesn’t do a lot for her, so she brings out a large vibrator and pushes the head of it deep into her pussy. She is very close to cumming, when her partner Rick comes home early.

The vibrator slides into her pussy

He wants some of that pussy juice, but he puts aside his own desires and takes over pushing the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

Then to add a bit more spice to their foreplay, he puts her over his knee and spanks her. There is quite a lot of changing of position – even when they move into the sixty-nine position; he still carries on spanking her.

Some mutual foreplay

His stiff cock is in her mouth, while her blonde head is bobbing up and down, as she sucks and licks from the tip to the base.

Two happy and satisfied people

Holding her head in position, he tells her that he’s going to come all over her face. Withdrawing his cock from her hot little mouth, he comes – over her face, neck and tits.

They are two very happy people.

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