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Spanking Video Review – Late Night Spanking with Cecil B

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Isis and Cecil B

Approximate Running Time: 57.10 minutes

Beautiful Isis has been invited to appear on Cecil B’s Late Night TV Show.

The idea is to demonstrate to the viewers – how a spanking should be given and more importantly, why.

Initially, she is asked to sit and be interviewed by Cecil B. During this interview, he draws from her that she first got into spanking as a part of sexual foreplay; and this had the effect of making her and her boyfriend’s love making more pleasurable than ever before.

Then the viewers are treated to a practical demonstration of a spanking.

Practical Spanking Demo Part 1

Cecil B takes her over his knee and starts to spank her on top of her skirt. At first she is inclined to giggle as his spanks are not too hard – although as we later see, her bottom is becoming very red and sore looking.

She is then allowed to get up and sit down again – while he interviews her even more – trying to convey to the viewers just what makes Isis tick.

This is followed by practical spanking demonstration part two. During this session her knickers are pulled down and the spanking is delivered onto her already sore red bare bottom. By now she has stopped giggling and instead is squealing with the pain.

Now she has a bare bottom ready for spanking

Sitting back in her chair, the third part of the interview takes place – and she reveals even more golden nuggets about herself.

For the third and final part of her spanking, she is told to remove all her clothes. She then spends a considerable time bending over the back of a chair while he uses a hairbrush, paddle and strap.

Her poor bottom is so red and sore looking from this spanking

The interview and spanking demonstration is over. She rubs her very sore red hot bottom.

Yet, she is still willing to give another interview and demonstration at another time.

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