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Spanking Video Review – Jasmine’s Bare Bottom Spanking

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine

Approximate Running Time: 35.02 minutes

Jasmine’s poor bottom is still very red and sore from her previous spanking earlier that evening – but she is in big trouble yet again.

This time her guardian comes into the room and catches her red handed messing about with his keyboard.

An infraction worthy of spanking

She knows she is not allowed to touch it. He arranges music for the church choir and has many music pieces saved on his keyboard. She doesn’t hesitate to deny having done more than look at it. But as he actually saw her fiddling with some knobs etc – and when the doorbell rings, it’s her schoolfriend asking if she had done the recording yet? Well Jasmine was about to be shown once again, that disobedient girls will be dealt a hard spanking.

OTK spanking her

Her bottom is bared and he continues spanking her, bringing back the flush to her cheeks.

spanking makes her bottom red and sore

With a very very sore bottom, she is told to get bathed and into bed.

She hurries to obey in fear of being spanked again.

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