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Spanking Video Review – Enforcing the Rules

Spanking Studio: Strictly English

Starring: Christina and Julia

Approximate Running Time: 49.33 minutes

Julia and her best friend Christina have been shown around a flat and they are in full agreement that it will be great for them. So, they arrange with the landlord to move in a week on Tuesday.

However, living together proves to be a true test of their friendship.

They are supposed to share the housework and cooking, but Julia becomes exasperated with Christina when she does not pull her weight. Therefore, in order to sort out who does what and when, she draws up a rota. Breaking the rules will be punishable. She has appropriated a wooden spoon that she christens The Enforcer, and places it on top of the fridge as a reminder. And, the list of rules and rota are stuck on the fridge door.

Yet it’s Julia who breaks the rules and Christina has the irksome task of spanking her friend.

She is so humiliated when Christina sends her to the kitchen to get The Enforcer.

Julia is on the receiving end of the spanking

Lying over Christina’s knee, she receives a warm up spanking delivered by hand on her bare bottom – once her normally smooth white bottom had been turned into a very sore red bottom, she was then introduced to The Enforcer.

Julia goes on to break even more rules; she borrows Christina’s skirt without asking and on another occasion borrows Christina’s car and leaves the car in the middle of town, because she’d had too much to drink.

Christina puts Julia in OTK spanking again

When sent to the kitchen to get The Enforcer, she returns to the lounge with a cane, which Christina uses to stripe her bottom after the customary warm up spanking.

After the caning, she promises to do better in future.

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