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Spanking Video Review – Cyber Discipline IV

Spanking Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Starring: Paris Kennedy
Approximate Running Time: 40.02 minutes

Cecil B had been cyber traveling when he met Paris Kennedy, and they chatted online for a few days.

Now, he’s waiting for her to arrive. She’s agreed to let him spank her.

A knock on the door – and she’s arrived.

She’s a dark haired beauty and is already dressed for action. When she takes off her coat, all she’s wearing underneath it is a cerise colored bra and matching briefs and her legs are encased in white lacy topped hold ups.

Cecil B wastes no time as she drapes herself over his knee and the spanking begins.

This spanking gives her a sore bottom

It doesn’t take him long to turn her smooth unblemished bottom into an ever reddening inferno.

It’s a pity that she shows no resistance whatsoever – not so much as a wriggle, just a squeal every time his hand makes contact with her bottom.

Spanking with a hairbrush leaves marks

As her bottom is becoming visibly sorer with each spank – so is his hand and he keeps changing from his right to his left – without missing a beat.

The spanking continues after he tells her to stand up and remove her bra. He changes from using his hand to spank her to using the back of a hairbrush.

At one stage, he very considerately uses an ice cube on her bottom that rapidly melts in the heat. Then he brings a leather strap into play.

Strap spanking turns her bare bottom cherry red

The spanking comes to an end.

However, keep watching because you will be treated to several clips from other movies in the series – just to whet your appetite.

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