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Spanking Video Review – Classified Spanking

Spanking Studio: Bare Bottom Video

Starring: Samantha York and Sonny Daze

Approximate Running Time: 55.34 minutes

Samantha was not a happy bunny. She had this need – that all spankees are only too familiar with, she wanted … no, needed a bare bottom spanking. But a man who would help to scratch her itch was not available, or was he?

This bottom deserves a spanking

She was lying on her bed reading a spanking contact magazine and there it was – an advert from a man looking for a lady to spank. She hesitated. Should she phone or shouldn’t she phone? Her indecisiveness lasted for all of a second. Before she could chicken out, she carefully dialed the number given in the spanking advert. He answered himself and she introduced herself and they agreed that he would come round to her place the following evening.

Dressed in something she hoped was both sexy and provocative. She kept looking at her watch – he was a minute late. Had he changed his mind? Then the long awaited knock on her door. Trying to look cool, calm and collected – she opened the door to him.

They both looked at each other and liked what they saw.

She had already told him that she had a fantasy of being a nurse and she had to be spanked by her superior for being late for the third time that week – well that or being dismissed.

Leaving him sitting on the bed, she goes to put on her Nurse’s Uniform. When she returns, transformed into a nurse, he makes it clear that he approves.

Positioning herself over his knee for an otk spanking, her ultra short skirt just about covers her shapely bottom. He starts hand spanking her. Her loud squeals are a mixture of pain and joy. She is surprised at how the reality of a spanking did hurt and make her poor bottom sting and smart. As she squirmed about over his knee, her skirt rode up to reveal she was wearing stockings and suspenders.

The spanking continued until he had turned every square inch of her creamy white bottom to a bright cherry red.

No rubbing allowed in this spanking

He sent her to stand in a corner for ten minutes – with strict instructions not to touch her bottom. But she started rubbing her hot cheeks.

Of course he noticed – and she finds herself back in a corporal spanking for a few more licks. Then it’s back in the corner again for another ten minutes and again he forbids her to touch her burning bottom.

Now onto fantasy number two. This time she’s a secretary. A very inefficient secretary. A warm up hand spanking is followed by him using a ruler.

Things were going really well between them

For her third fantasy she wanted him to strap her already reddened bottom. For this, she had to bend over the back of a chair.

The strap bit into her tender flesh, causing her to squeal even louder. When he had checked with her to make sure she was still happy with what was happening, he continued, bringing the leather strap down onto her upturned bottom over and over again.

A true strap spanking

At the end of the spanking session, they both agreed that it was a wonderful experience and that he’d come again to help her fulfill her spanking fantasies.

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