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Spanking Video Review – Bad Report Card

Studio: Billie West Productions

Starring: Charlie Love

Approximate Running Time: 40.00 minutes

Charlie is sitting on the couch – it’s obvious that she is very nervous as she can’t sit still – she’s fidgeting about all the time.

The thing is – she has brought home her school report card and she just knows that her father is going to spank her. However, her nervous excitement is not because she fears the spanking, but rather because she knows that being spanked turns her on big time. So the question she is asking herself is – will her daddy spank her?

Nervously awaiting her spanking

Yet before he gets home, she hides the report card behind a cushion – intending to bring it out when the time is right.

He remembers she is supposed to have received her report that day and demands to know where it is; so she hands it to him.

Dildo introduction while spanking

Quickly reading through it, he realizes his daughter is definitely not the brightest student in the class. She has failed every subject except one – Sex Education. It’s the one subject she enjoys learning about. Her teacher’s comments regarding her failing her other subjects – Charlie is too interested in flirting with the boys than learning her lessons.

Dad feels it is his duty as a responsible parent to carry out his threat and deal his daughter a well deserved corporal spanking.

He gives her bottom a spanking for every subject she failed.

Then he decides to further his daughter’s sex education by introducing her to various dildos. One that he slowly and gently slides into her anus, followed by a large, life size one into her very wet pussy.

Dildos during spanking

When he goes to cook the dinner, she calls him back because he has forgotten to play with her tits.

Ready for even more spanking thrills

Finally, she is left alone again – alone with her thoughts – and if the smile on her pretty face is anything to go by – her thoughts are very happy ones.

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