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Free Spanking Stories - The BratKelly drove down the twisted road with her thoughts racing. She was driving the 30 miles to see Hunter again. She was nervous to see him again because she knew she was to be severely punished. Kelly knew she deserved every stroke he would give her but was still nervous. Still yet she couldn’t wait to see him. She thought she must be crazy to want to see him so badly knowing it was for punishment. Kelly couldn’t help it though. She loved the way he made her feel.

Kelly pulled into the parking lot of his hotel, getting more nervous by the second. She thought of turning around and leaving but she couldn’t do that, not after he drove 4 hours to see her. She picked up her phone and saw a text from Hunter. Kelly read the message and answered with “I just got here.” Hunter texted her the room number. Kelly went inside and straight to the elevator afraid to make eye contact with anyone. She felt like everyone knew why she was there or they would know when his belt started cracking on her bare bottom.

Kelly got to his room and knocked on the door. After a minute Hunter answered. She went inside the room and sat down. Hunter and Kelly talked for a little while about how work was going and other small things. Kelly’s heart skipped a few beats when he started talking about why they were there. Hunter got up as he talked and pulled a chair into the middle of the floor. “Come over here” Hunter said calmly. Slowly Kelly got up and stood in front of him. Hunter continued talking as he unbuttoned Kelly’s pants and pulled them down. Before Kelly knew what was happening she was over his knee starring down at the carpet with her hands on the floor. Her panties were soon taken down too. Kelly had been over Hunter’s knee before but they were always on the bed so her upper body was supported. This position was a lot more embarrassing for Kelly. The floor seemed so far away as she was draped across his huge legs. Kelly had almost forgotten how big Hunter was, how small she felt in comparison to him. But then that was a great quality in a mentor, at least it was in Kelly’s mind anyway. If a man was going to spank her, he should be able to physically handle her. If she didn’t want to go into position, he should be able to put her there. Kelly thought that Hunter could definitely do that.

Kelly’s thoughts were interrupted by the first swat of his huge hand. After s few more the tears started to fall down her face and onto the carpet below. Kelly wasn’t crying from the pain. Hunter knew how to get to her and make her feel so bad that she cried. It never seemed to take him very long to have her in tears. No matter how hard Kelly tried not to cry, some tears always escaped her eyes when she saw him. When Hunter told her to get up, she let her hair fall into her face to hide the tears from him. Hunter knew she was crying but he wasn’t done yet. Hunter took Kelly to the bed where she was once again over his knee and he was using a bath brush. Kelly couldn’t help but to squirm more as he punished her bare bottom with the brush. He was still scolding her about the rules she had not followed.

Hunter finally stopped and told Kelly to get up again. She did and Hunter payed a vision on the bed and told Kelly to lay over it. Kelly got on the bed and Hunter adjusted her position. “You have 150 coming with the razor strap” Hunter said to her. “I’m going to give you 20 with the razor strap and 20 with 6 other implements and 10 with another.” All Kelly could do is nod. Hunter started slow with each new implement. Then the swats came harder and faster. Kelly tried to stay still but she just couldn’t. Hunter had to stop frequently to tell her to get back in place. Kelly cried harder now and frequently cried out with his forceful swats. Kelly had a hard time making herself get back into position. She rolled off the cushion and just couldn’t go back. She wanted it to be over. Hunter put his hand on her back and spoke softly ” I know this hurts but we aren’t done yet”. Hunter told her there was only 20 more of this part. He helped Kelly back into position and gave her the last 20. These seemed harder than all the others. Kelly’s bottom was on fire.

She had no idea what some of the implements were but they all had quiet a sting. Hunter Leaned down and gently rubbed her sore and very red bottom. It was starting to bruise where the tire tread slapper had left it’s mark. Then Hunter stood up and Kelly heard the unmistakeable sound of his belt being removed. “Do you still think it was funny to hide my belt last time?” in spite of her best effort not to, Kelly started laughing. “Oh come on it was hysterical” Kelly laughed. She knew better than to mention the aliens that she had blamed before. Kelly knew Hunter would spank her harder of she did. Hunter had to admit that Kelly was cute hiding his belt, but couldn’t let her go unpunished since she had been laughing about it online with the other brats. She was too proud of herself and had gotten Rock Star status with the brats because of it. Hunter knew she was just playing and was new to the punishment dynamic. He had to teach her that bragging online was unacceptable.

Hunter brought the belt up to his shoulder and swung it down. Hiding the belt was getting less funny with each swat. Hunter was almost done, 20 more to go. With 8 more she had to move again. Hunter told her to get back and then warned her that she would get extra if she didn’t. Kelly couldn’t and got 10 more. Hunter made her stay over the pillow after the spanking was over which was better than the corner. Kelly had a hard time standing in the corner. Kelly stayed on the cushion but moved over closer to him snuggling her head in his chest. She was still crying and whimpered with every touch to her sore butt. Hunter held her and rubbed her hair and face. Kelly felt so safe with him at that moment. All of the stress and challenges of her life were locked away on the other side of his hotel door. He rubbed lotion on her sore cheeks. It felt cool over the heat in her flesh. His hands so hard as he spanked her were now soft and gentle. Kelly tried to move when Hunter moved to put the lotion away. He touched her and promised to not leave her alone.

When Hunter came back Kelly quickly resumed her place in his arms. She was finally allowed to get dressed. She was flooded with emotions and couldn’t decide if she was feeling bratty or just wanted to be held. Hunter allowed her to brat some since it had been so long since she had seen him. He thought she was cute trying to take his toys away from him. When Kelly needed to be held again, Hunter sat with her again. Kelly had a hard time leaving and stayed as long as she possibly could. She went home very sore but smiling.

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