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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty

The story so far ……

The doorman has just come inside Tazeline and his cum is running down her legs.

He has ordered Margie to come and help her friend. But what kind of help does Tazeline need?

Now read on ……

‘You’re definitely learning obedience Fraulein,’ he said to Margie. ‘Now don’t go letting me down.’

Margie is standing in front of him, waiting nervously for him to tell her what he wants her to do.

‘Your friend needs cleaning up,’ he tells her.

Margie moves away from him.

‘Fraulein, where do you think you’re going?’

‘I –I’m going to the bathroom to get some tissues.’

‘Oh no Fraulein, that’s not what I meant.’

‘Sorry,’ she mumbles, looking puzzled.

‘I want you to clean her up with your tongue.’

‘No, I-I-I,’

‘Are you arguing with me Fraulein?’

She remains silent.

He gives an exaggerated sigh. ‘Seems to me you haven’t learned obedience after all, have you?’

‘How dare you stand there like that, brazenly arguing with me.’ Taking a firm grip of her left arm, he leads her across the room. Sitting down on the couch, he puts her over his knee. ‘Let’s see if another sore bottom changes your attitude.’

The sound of a hand making contact with a bare bottom echoes round the room. Intermingling with the sound of the spanking is the squeals of pain from Margie.

‘I would have thought that you had learned your lesson by now Fraulein.’ He carries on spanking her.

‘Stoppit, please stoppit,’ she pleads with him.

‘I will stop – the minute you tell me you’re ready to obey me in future without question.’

‘Okay, okay, I will do as you want.’

‘That’s a good girl, I’m glad you’re seeing sense at last.’ With a final slap on her bottom, he helps her to her feet.

Slowly, very slowly, she approaches the table where poor Tazeline is blindfolded and still in position.

‘Move it Fraulein – or …’ and he moves towards her.

The implied threat galvanises her into action and within seconds, she is stood behind Tazeline.

‘Right Fraulein clean her up, inside and out, using your tongue only.’

Margie drops to her knees and starts licking the inside of Tazeline’s thighs – starting at the inside of her knees. She concentrates on one leg at a time.

Her tongue moves slowly upwards towards Tazeline’s pussy. She is so engrossed in what she’s doing – that she freezes when …

What is the doorman doing now?

To be continued ……

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