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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Six

The spanking story so far ……

The hotel’s fire alarm clanged out its warning – there is a fire. The door of the penthouse suite is roughly pushed open and four hunky firemen are standing in the doorway – taking in the sight of two men and two women in various stages of undress.

Now read on ……

The fire chief is the first to speak. ‘Sorry folks, the fire is no longer a danger – but from what I can see here, is two very hot chicks, with two fiery red bottoms.’ The other firemen laughed. ‘We came to save your lives,’ he went on, ‘would it be all right if we join in the fun?’

Tazeline and Margie were giggling.

‘It’s up to the girls,’ said the senior doorman. However, the two poor helpless girls have already selected one fireman each and have started to stroke the bulge in his trousers. Zips are pulled down and two rampant cocks come into view.

Margie kneeled down in front of her fireman – stretching her mouth open as wide as she could, she took his massive manhood into it. While she was giving her full attention to the job in mouth, the fire chief, seeing her bare bottom sticking up in the air, takes advantage of the situation and pulling his thick leather belt from its loops, lays six strokes on her mobile bottom. She tries to escape the bite of the leather on her already tortured bottom, but with his large hand firmly in the small of her back, he easily holds her in place. The shock of the pain that went through her bottom, made her close her teeth around the innocent cock she was sucking.

The owner of the cock felt her sharp little teeth graze it and hastily pulled it out of her mouth.

Meanwhile Tazeline has been placed on the couch; her legs are up in the diaper position. One fireman is thrusting his cock into her hot wet pussy, while the other one is trying to stuff both of her tits into his mouth at once.

The clanging of the fire alarm made everybody jump. The crackling voice of the control room, came over the fire chief’s walky talky. The fire is out of control again, it’s now on the 100th floor. Evacuate, evacuate.

Will they all escape this new danger?

To be continued ……

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