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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Seven

The story so far ……

There is a fire at the Excelsior Hotel, where Tazeline and Margie are staying in the penthouse on the 120th floor. The message received by the fire chief on his walky talky was that the fire was out of control on the 100th floor.

Can the four firemen get the four occupants of the penthouse to safety?

Now read on ……

The fire chief, takes his position very seriously, and springs into action. Using the fireman’s lift, he slings Margie over his shoulder and strides to the fire escape. Her red-hot striped bottom is in full view for all to see.

Meanwhile, the fireman whose cock she has been sucking is kneeling on the floor, rocking backwards and forwards, cradling his injured manhood in his hands.

‘Come on man, go grab the other girl,’ the fire chief barked at the unfortunate fireman, who scrambled to his feet and set off to disentangle Tazeline from her impalement on one of the other firemen’s cock.

As the door of the fire escape opens, acrid smoke fills the lounge of the penthouse and all the occupants start coughing and spluttering.

Tazeline, starts screaming hysterically, fighting with the gallant fireman who is hell bent on rescuing her. Instead of slapping her face, as one does with someone having hysterics, he slaps her bottom. This has the anticipated affect and she calms down.

Everyone crowds onto the fire escape, ready to start the descent to the ground. The other two firemen herd the two doormen and they are the last to leave the penthouse.

There is a gust of wind and the fire escape door blows shut – with a loud crash.

‘Oh shit,’ said the fire chief. ‘It’s self-locking.’ He set Margie on her feet.

‘Okay young lady, can you walk?’

She appeared to consider this for a moment, while her mind was racing. She liked this big handsome fireman and would much prefer him to carry her to safety.

‘I’ll try,’ she said bravely. Fully intending to not be able to walk. Then she genuinely did slip on the wet step and would have fallen if the fire chief had not caught her by the arm. Swinging her back up over his shoulder in the fireman’s lift, he could feel her hot wet pussy on the back of his neck.

They started cautiously moving downwards. It had been raining, although it had stopped and the sun was trying to shine. However, the iron steps were somewhat slippy.

They had carefully gone down three flights of steps and the crackling of the fire chief’s walky talk made them all stop and listen.

‘This is control, this is control, come in please.’

‘Fire Chief Sterling here, over.’

‘Make your way back up to the roof, a helicopter is waiting for you, over.’

‘Okay, cheers, over and out.’

By now, Tazeline was also being carried by her fireman, he too was using the fireman’s lift.

So they all trudged their way back the way they had come, eventually they reached the roof.

As promised, the helicopter was waiting for them.

‘Is there a medic on board?’ the fire chief lifted Margie down from his shoulder. ‘These two young ladies may need some attention, especially their bottoms.

At the sight of the girls’ sore bottoms, the helicopter crew, laughed loudly. ‘Well, what have we here, you jammy sods?’

‘Right,’ the chief steward said, ‘We can only take two of you at a time.’ He helped the two girls up the rope ladder and into the helicopter.

‘We’ll look after them, won’t we guys?’ There was more laughter from the crew.

Margie and Tazeline looked at each other and started giggling.

‘Good afternoon young ladies. I’m Steve, the chief steward. Welcome aboard.’ He bowed exaggeratedly. ‘At your service, It is our pleasure to make sure your every wish is fulfilled.’

What further adventures are the girls about to have?

To be continued ……

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