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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Nine

The spanking story so far ……

Tazeline and Margie have caused havoc on the helicopter. Now they are being frog-marched to the jailhouse.

Now read on ……

It was decided to put them into the male prisoners’ section of the jail, so the men could get a few moments of pleasure.

There were ten men in the holding cells. The two girls with their hands still handcuffed together, had their sore red bottoms on full display. There were wolf whistles and guffaws from the men.

Then the excited girls were led from cell to cell. They had to bend down with their bottoms stuck up in the air and within reach of each prisoner.

Most of the men stroked the two girls’ bottoms and occasionally slipped their fingers into the girls’ hot wet pussies. Yet one of the prisoners, hearing the commotion had his cock out of his trousers by the time the procession had reached him. His ramrod cock was twitching and pulsating – and his steaming cum spurted out all over Margie’s bottom.

However, one of the men pushed something into Tazeline’s crack, whispering to her to clench her cheeks in order to keep the packet from slipping out. He also told her to ask to see the Guvnor and tell him she had something for him from Bill.

Poor Tazeline had some difficulty in walking, but she did manage to conceal the package.

Unfortunately, on reaching the holding cell – dedicated for naughty girls, they were stripped of all their clothing. It was then that Tazeline sneezed – causing the packet to slip out of its hiding place and falling at the feet of the prison officer who had been frisking her.

‘Who gave you that?’ the prison officer asked her.

Tazeline stubbornly refused to say anything.

‘You will tell me,’ he said.

Still she said nothing.

Then without any further warning, she was pulled over his knee. His big hard hand spanked her bottom, causing her to plead for mercy, as her sore bottom from earlier was once again made into a blazing inferno.

However, despite the pain she was in, she still said nothing.

‘Very well,’ the prison officer stood her on her feet. ‘Maybe your friend will help to loosen your tongue.’

He nodded to two of his men and they went and stood either side of Margie, then half carried and dragged her to an examination couch on the other side of the room. She was placed on her back and her feet were put into stirrups. A very large black rubber dillido was pushed roughly into her pussy. Tazeline had also been dragged across the room and was forced to watch and hear the cries of agony from her friend.

What will happen next?

To be continued ……

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