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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Eight

The spanking story so far ……

There is a fire at the Excelsior Hotel, where Tazeline and Margie are staying in the penthouse on the 120th floor. The four firemen that came to rescue them, had helped them and the two doormen to safety.

They had been led up to the roof, where a helicopter was waiting for them.

Being a very small helicopter, the crew of four men, said they could only take two passengers at a time, so they’d come back for the men as soon as possible.

What is going to happen to Margie and Tazeline, who are at the mercy of four randy airmen?

Now read on ……

The two girls looked at the four fit men and the four fit men looked at the girls. And every one of them had a twinkle in his or her eye.

The two girls turned their backs on the four men and swayed their hips, so that their sore, striped red bottoms were in full view.

‘Wow! Look at that arse,’ and one of the crew, moved purposefully towards Tazeline – who slowed down, giving him a sporting chance to catch up with her.

‘Come on you little tease,’ he said, caressing the hot cheeks of her bottom. His big hands moved in wide circles, over her twitching bottom. Her thighs parted – giving him a view of her sopping wet pussy.

His wandering hands pulled her cheeks apart and he quickly released his throbbing cock from the confines of his trousers and wasted no time inserting it into the dark musky smelling slit that was so ready for him.

As he thrust into her, she pushed back at him. His swelling cock filled her hole and she was so wet, there was nothing to stop it going all the way to the hilt.

Her climatic cries and his grunts of satisfaction were in chorus with those being made by Margie and her helicopter crewman.

The two men shot their load into the girls’ pussies at the same time. Then they were unceremoniously pushed aside by the other two members of the crew, who couldn’t wait to have their share of pussy.

Two of the crew were flying the helicopter. But as every man was a trained pilot, the guys who had already had their pleasure with the two girls, took over the controls, giving their colleagues the chance to also get rid of their dynamite juice.

Soon after, the warning lights came on, telling everyone to sit down and fasten their seat belts.

However, the cabin crew strapped the girls into their seats, so that they were bent down with their elbows resting on the seat and their bottoms stuck well up in the air. Once they were safely secured, the cabin crew sat down and strapped themselves in to the pull down seats that were meant for the crew.

When they suddenly hit some turbulence, the girls were alarmed to find their bottoms were set into motion and swayed erotically from side to side. This caused their heads to be pressed even deeper into the seat.

The turbulence stopped as suddenly as it had started.

Therefore, the two girls realised that they were helplessly at the mercy of these young fit bucks.

The helicopter landed and the girls heard a strange masculine voice. ‘What on earth is going on here?’ said a deep stern voice that made the girls’ stomachs loop the loop.

‘You girls are under arrest for corrupting my air crew.’ The disembodied voice barked out an order. ‘Handcuff these two hussies, then put them back in position.’

Strong hands released the seat belts that were holding them in place and their hands were pulled behind their backs and handcuffed together.

Then they found themselves pushed back into the seat, the seat belt again fastened round their waists and their bottoms again stuck up in the air.

The guy, who was giving the orders, now stepped forward, with the pretence of testing the girls’ seat belts – making sure these two wildcats were securely under control.

‘That should hold them, good work men.’ He voice was now husky.

He patted Margie’s bottom, ‘You’re a very naughty girl, corrupting my men like that, while they are doing their duty.’ He didn’t pat Tazeline’s bottom, but gave it a hard resounding spank.’ As for you young lady, anyone can tell – you are the ringleader.’ With a grunt, he pushed his purple headed, pulsating cock into Tazeline’s pussy. He grunted and groaned then pulling his cock out of her vagina, he shot his load of spunk all over the helpless bottom.

His cum trickled down the inside of her thighs – forming a pool on the carpet of the helicopter.

‘You wicked girl see what you’ve made me do.’ He tucked his by now limp cock back into his trousers.

Right, men take these prisoners to the jail house; they will be up before the magistrate in the morning.’

Now, what’s in store for Margie and Tazeline?

To be continued ……

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