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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty

The spanking story so far ……

Tazeline stubbornly refused to say who gave her the package. So she was now being forced to watch her best friend Margie lying on an examination couch with her feet in stirrups – while a big black rubber dillido was being forcefully pushed into her hot wet pussy.

Now read on ……

Margie’s screams of pain hurt Tazeline’s ears and she pleaded with her captors to release her friend, but as she still kept her silence, for poor Margie the torture went on.

Then the high-pitched screams changed and Margie was now moaning softy, while rocking rhythmically and pushing her pussy forward to meet the dillido. The smile on Margie’s face was of pure joy. Tazeline found herself envying her friend.

The prison officers soon realised that their method of making Tazeline talk was not going to happen. Therefore, they had a discussion among themselves and despite straining her ears to hear, she couldn’t hear a thing.

Meanwhile, Margie exploded into an orgasm that had her convulsing for some time.

Once she had stopped shaking, she was released and walked bow legged across the room.

Tazeline was excited as she was placed on the examination couch – with her feet up in the stirrups. Then she waited for the glorious torture to start. However, thirty minutes later and she was still waiting.

The prison officer approached the examination couch and whispered in her ear. ‘Come on Fraulein, tell us who gave you the package then you can have the pleasure your friend just enjoyed.’

‘Piss off,’ was her answer.

He laughed, ‘we don’t have anyone here called that, wouldn’t you like to try again?’
Shaking her head, she didn’t answer.

It was then that the sound of shouting in the corridor came closer and the door was pushed open – and Bill the man who had entrusted her with the precious package was pushed into the room. He was minus his trousers and underpants. As he was frog marched up to the examination couch and saw Tazeline with her wet pussy in full view – his pulsating cock was swaying about as if it had a life of its own.

‘Just think Fraulein, that lovely dillido could be inside you – all you have to do is admit that this was the man who gave you the package,’ said her tormentor.

Shaking her head again, the man with the throbbing pulsating cock began to look extremely uncomfortable.

‘Fraulein please ……’

What is he about to ask her?

To be continued ……

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