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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Thirty-Two

The spanking story so far ……

Tazeline and Margie have been reunited; in the morning, they are to appear before the magistrate, accused of corrupting the crew of the helicopter that was on a rescue mission.

Now read on ……

It was six o’clock in the morning and the two girls were awakened, their own clothing was returned to them – newly washed and ironed – just their knickers were missing.

‘Hurry up Frauleins, you will have some breakfast, then the car will be here, to take you to the Magistrates Court in Berlin,’ the prison governor tells them sternly. The two girls had an attack of the giggles.

‘Frauleins, this is no laughing matter,’ he said. ‘You have been very naughty girls and you need to be punished severely.’

Once the girls realized that he was not joking, they did become apprehensive. What would the magistrate say or do?

The Town Hall clock was chiming eleven as the car that was ferrying the two girls to the magistrate’s court arrived and the girls were helped out of the car.

‘No Fraulein leave your skirt up, do not try to cover up your bottom,’ the chauffeur spun Tazeline round and gave her a hard slap across her naked bottom.

‘Please,’ she said to him, ‘I can’t walk through the streets like this.’

‘This is all part of your punishment,’ he said. ‘You rich English girls come here to Berlin thinking you can say or do whatever you like. Now move yourselves; the magistrate is a stickler for punctuality.’

The courtroom was very basic. The two friends stood in the dock bending down and touching their toes – their bare bottoms still showing the signs of a recent spanking.

‘What is the charge against these young Frauleins?’ the magistrate asked the Clerk of the Court, who answered, ‘Your Honor, they corrupted the crew of the helicopter that went to rescue them from a fire at the Excelsior Hotel.’

‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘Are there any more charges against them?’

‘Yes, Your Honor, they resisted arrest and tried to smuggle drugs out of the prison.’

‘I can see I’m going to have to give these two naughty girls a severe sentence,’ she said. ‘Kindly tell them to turn around; I want to see their faces.’

The girls straightened up.

‘You two again,’ the magistrate said.

The magistrate recognized them.

What’s going to happen now?

To be continued ……

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