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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Nineteen

The story so far ……

Margie is reluctantly following the directions of the doorman at the Excelsior Hotel. She has removed Tazeline’s clothing, so that she is now standing there naked.

But, what is happening; the doorman appears to be having difficulty breathing? He’s gasping and grunting.

Margie turns away from Tazeline – and what she sees makes her catch her breath. He is ……?

Now read on ……

He’s standing there, his purple headed cock in his hand, and he’s wanking himself. Meanwhile, he’s oblivious to her standing there staring wide eyed at him.

However, when she moves, he notices her. ‘Come here,’ he orders her.

She approaches him nervously. His next command really shocks her.

‘Kneel down Fraulein and close your eyes.’

Pushing his long thick rampant cock towards her mouth, he says, ‘Go on Fraulein, open your mouth.

She clenches her teeth and twists her head away from him.

‘Open your mouth, you stubborn girl.’

She clenches her teeth even more.

He grabs hold of a handful of her hair and pulls on it so hard, she opens her mouth and lets out a loud ear splitting screech.

Quick to take advantage – he rams his cock into her open mouth, so far down her throat, she finds herself gagging on it.

‘That’s right Fraulein, now suck on it.’ He still has hold of her hair and is able to force her head to nod up and down.

Poor Margie thinks she is going to choke, because his ramrod cock is swelling in her mouth and the more she tries to pull away from him, the tighter he holds her.

Suddenly, he pulls his cock out of her mouth; it happens so fast, she falls backwards onto her sore bottom, and she cries out.

He goes back to wanking himself; while in a couple of strides, he is behind Tazeline. Dragging her across the room, he pushes her face down over the table. Roughly nudging her legs apart with his knee, he enters her from behind.

She can’t escape, as she is impaled on his cock and he plunges into her – deeper and deeper.

His grunts become louder as his cock grows ever larger inside her. Faster, faster, faster he goes, while she is screaming and crying with the pain.

Then her cries change to a soft moaning and she is moving in time to his thrusts. Unable to help herself, she comes at the same time as he does.

Withdrawing his limp cock from her pussy – he wipes it on her still sore red bottom, while his cum begins to run down her legs.

‘Stay there,’ he orders her as he pushes her back over the table.

‘Fraulein, come here,’ he beckons to Margie and like a zombie, she obeys him immediately.

‘Your friend needs some help,’ he tells her.

What kind of help does Tazeline need?

To be continued ……

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