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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Fifteen

The story so far ……

Tazeline and Margie were at the mercy of the doorman at the Excelsior Hotel – Tazzy was by now regretting having been cheeky to him, but it was too late for apologies.

Now what did he have in mind for her. He had Margie over his knee and was using his doubled over belt on her very sore bottom – then he stopped, with his arm at shoulder height.

He said he’d forgotten something.

But, what?

Now read on ……

Tazeline felt the blood drain from her face, while poor Margie was glad of the reprieve from that stinging belt biting into the tender flesh of her red hot quivering bottom.

He pushed Margie off his knee – she landed on the carpet on all fours again and Tazeline who had been holding onto her wrists fell backwards and landed on her bottom, her knees up to her chin her black bush in full view.

Then putting his hand into his pocket, he pulled out a scrap of red nylon and tossed it to Tazeline – ‘Here catch,’ but she missed it and it landed on the carpet some distance away from her.

‘Tut tut, butter fingers,’ he said. ‘Now pick it up.’

Hurriedly, she crawled on her hands and knees to retrieve it.

However, she wasn’t quick enough for his liking, because she felt his hand in the small of her back – pinning her to the carpet. Flipping up her mini skirt to reveal a slightly reddened bottom, from her encounter with Joe the doorman at the Plaza Hotel, he delivered six hard rapid slaps to her poor bottom, that made her squeal and brought tears to her eyes.

‘Now put your knickers back on,’ he ordered her. ‘I want to have the pleasure of pulling them down when your real spanking starts.’

Unfortunately, poor Tazeline was paralysed with fear and unable to move.

Then she felt his hand in the small of her back again, and he raised his right arm – his belt snaked across her bottom, leaving an angry red stripe, then his arm was raised and the belt visited her bottom another six times.

‘Fraulein,’ he said, with an exasperated sigh, ‘you really are trying my patience. ‘Now move it, put your panties back on.’

In her haste to obey, she tried to put both legs in one hole, so she removed them and then managed to put them on again but this time she put them on back to front, and just hoped he wouldn’t notice.

He said nothing about it.

‘Right Fraulein, I’m just going to finish your friend’s spanking, so meanwhile, stay on your hands and knees and I’ll start your spanking very soon.’

She shuddered at the thought of what was to come.

‘I’ve just had an idea Fraulein,’ he said. ‘Let’s make it more fun.’

He went through to the bedroom and came back with a towel that he put on her as a blindfold. ‘That’s better,’ he said with a satisfied grunt.

‘Just one more thing,’ he said.

She felt him put some earphones on her. Then all she could hear was loud music.

Leaving her kneeling there, he went back to Margie.

Putting her back over his knee, he said he was going to give her another twenty spanks that she had to count.

However, he spanked her so hard and so fast, she kept miscounting and he started over again.

Poor Margie, her bottom was on fire, but still the spanks rained down on her defenceless bottom.

Therefore, to make it easier for her, he told her she just had to count to three. The result of this concession was that she probably ended up with one hundred spanks instead of the promised twenty.

Eventually, he pushed her off his knee. ‘Right Fraulein, go and sit on that red velvet chair. You can watch how I deal with your naughty friend.’

As Tazeline was blindfolded – and with earphones on she was totally unaware of what was going on.

She jumped in fright as she felt herself being lifted and carried across the room and was then dumped over his knee. He left her blindfolded but removed the earphones.

He sighed deeply. ‘Fraulein, I think you need some practice in putting your panties on. Stand up.’

She wasted no time in obeying him.

‘Now take them off.’

She almost lost her balance.

‘Put them back on quickly.’

She put them on.

‘You’ve done it again,’ he said. ‘They’re wrong way round.’

‘Sorry,’ she mumbled.

‘Oh you will be, now try again, take them off and put them back on.’

She tried again, yet still got it wrong.

‘Fraulein if you’re trying to annoy me, you’re definitely succeeding.’

‘Sorry,’ she said again.

‘I’ll make it easier for you, bend down and touch your toes.’

After giving her a resounding spank on her bottom, he left the room.
Tazeline didn’t realise that he’d returned until he spoke to her.

‘As I said Fraulein, I’m going to help you to be able to put your panties on even when you’re blindfolded.’

She felt something cold touch her bottom and wondered what it was, but he didn’t enlighten her.

‘Stand up,’ he ordered her, ‘and put your hands on your head and open your legs as wide as you can.’

She felt something cold touch her tummy this time.

‘Now keep very still,’ he warned her, ‘I don’t want to hurt you.’

What is he going to do?

To be continued ……

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