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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Eighteen

The story so far ……

He’d whispered something in her ear – now Margie was about to carry out his command on her best friend Tazeline.

What was she going to have to do?

Now read on ……

As Tazeline was still blindfolded and due to the thick carpet muffling the sound of Margie approaching her, poor Tazeline was shocked by her friend’s actions.

She suddenly sensed that Margie was behind her. Then her especially redesigned panties were being pulled down, down, down her long slim legs – until they were round her ankles.

Instinctively she took her hands down from her head and attempted to stop her knickers being pulled down.

‘Fraulein put your hands back on your head this minute and keep them there, do you understand?’

‘Sorry,’ she said, putting her hands back on her head.

Margie now stood there – not sure what to do next.

‘Come on Fraulein, quickly, help your friend to get her knickers off.’

Crouching down, she urged Tazeline to lift one foot at a time, so her panties could be removed completely.

‘Good Fraulein, now bring them to me.’

Putting the scrap of red nylon into his pocket, he said,
‘Go back to your friend she’s missing you,’

Margie hesitated.

‘Well don’t stand there gawping Fraulein, you know what to do.’
Tazeline felt her friend’s trembling fingers fumbling at the buttons on her blouse. When all five of them were undone, she sharply told Tazeline to bring one hand at a time down from her head in order to slip the blouse off her shoulders.

When Tazeline protested and put up some resistance, Margie gave her a sharp slap on her bare bottom.

‘Keep still you wicked girl,’ she said. ‘Or I will have to give you a proper spanking.’

‘Well done Fraulein, well done,’ the doorman actually smiled at her. ‘See, being my assistant is easy isn’t it?

Not knowing what to say, she said nothing.

‘Let’s not go through that again Fraulein, I expect an answer every time I speak to you.’ He frowned at her. ‘So I repeat – isn’t being my assistant easy?’

‘Yes, yes,’ she answered.

‘Good girl,’ she felt herself beaming at his praise. ‘Now carry on, remember what I told you to do.’

Tazeline felt her skirt being pulled down to her ankles and that too was removed completely.

Now, all Tazeline had on now was her red wonder bra. However, Margie had put her arms around her and unhooked it, so that she found herself braless.

‘Go on Fraulein, you know what to do next.’ His usual commanding voice was now cracked and gasping.

She also gasped, when she saw what he was doing.’

What is he doing?

To be continued ……

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