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Spanking Reviews – NOUVU the HALF PORTUGESE COED

Spanking Videos - Nouvo the Half Portugese CoedNow this is an interesting one. Of course, you’re familiar by now with the Elite Pain Interview process: Maxmilian Lomp subjects a female candidate to a barrage of personal questions and physical punishments until she either shows her mettle, or cracks. In this video, Nouvo endures some of the worst of the series, and she rises to each challenge so authentically… you almost wanna cheer for her, when it’s over.

She’s not the hottest chick you’ll see in an adult video. She’s a lump in a huge striped sweater — and that hair’s a mess! — but still, she’s attractive in a very real and natural way, especially when she removes her clothes to reveal a toned, apple-shaped physique.

As usual, Maxmillian intersperses casual questions about work & school with intimate inquiries into her sex life and morals. Would she have sex for money? No, but she’s interested to see how much torture she can take.

And so are we!

He asks her to step before a wooden cross, and examine various implements used on the women in Elite Pain‘s videos. Her eyes widen with apprehension… He presents an office clip, asks her if she’s ever tried it. Sure, on a finger! He pinches the skin of her thigh and attaches the clip there. She winces as he flicks the clip with a riding crop… No sooner does he release her skin than he attaches the clip to various places on her shaved pussy, followed by more flicking. Again, he moves the clip, this time to her breast. With sharp crop strokes, he snaps the clip off of her, then twists her swollen nipple. Nouvo sheds tears, but keeps her wits about her. This girl is no pushover!

Free Spanking Pics - Nouvo 1

Now, she’s spread out across the cross, and Maximilian nails her with full, hard strokes, all the way up the front of her body. He starts at her thighs, then beats across her torso and finally lands some seriously hard shots across her breasts. Stoke number 7, I believe, is the nastiest one — a welt immediately appears, and then deepens to a deep, dark red before our eyes.

He truly gets medieval on her ass — he literally asks her to imagine she’s tied up before a Medieval crowd who is exultant at the sight of her public, naked whipping. And it works; Nouvo holds up like a champ, weeping softly but maintaining her composure despite shaking with pain/fear. Three more strokes, Maximilian tells her: two with a wide leather strap and the last one, full-strength, with a bamboo cane — all to her butt. She steadies herself and accepts the punishments in good spirits. Even Maxmilian is impressed.

Free Spanking Pics - Nouvo 2

Nouvo’s audition isn’t easy to watch, but it’s certainly worth a view if you’re into the genre. Or, even if you’re just curious about what it takes to star in a hardcore BDSM movie. The spark of determination in Nouvo’s eyes is downright inspiring. Cheers to her, and to the creators of this very addictive interview format!

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