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Studio: Moonglow
A researcher visits a leading girls' academy which has abolished corporal punishment several years ago. He wants to interview staff members who attended the college as students, and to interview them on their spanking and caning experiences.

The first is Louise, the wife of one of the present masters at the college. We start by her recounting a severe caning she received for smoking pot. We see the cane bouncing savagely off her upturned, enjeaned bottom. Then she admits that her husband still spanks her, her favourite scenario being tied to a cross and having her bottom smacked in that position.

Next is a present-day teacher being interviewed, who admits that she was caned twice while in the sixth form. She was one of three girls caught cheating in mock exams and her bottom paid handsomely for this serious transgression of the rules.

Finally, the Spanish Master's Wife is back, being soundly caned yet again. She was caught smoking pot with Louise and paid the same penalty. We see her shapely bottom dance while she is bent over a caning school. Then finally her husband enters and gives the researcher a demonstration on how to chastise a wife with a shiny black leather paddle.

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