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Studio: 4Reel Productions
We open with some dramatic footage of domineering Mistress punishing her luscious brunette slave set in slow motion with a background of classical music. The real audio comes in as Mistress is flogging her slave who is bound standing with her hands hoisted above her. Her pleas for mercy are muted by the both the gag in her mouth and the uncaring disposition of her mistress.

Scene two features nothing but extreme close ups of the round bottom of a chunky submissive. No words are uttered, just the sound of a constant ass slapping. In scene three, we have the alpha roommate spanking her submissve friend who has gotten lazy with the housework. Her bare hand and a hairbrush bring out the rosy red in the ass cheeks of the fair-skinned blonde girl.

Next we witness a spanking session between two lovely ladies who have taken to name calling. A constant barrage of open handed slaps by the young brunnette girl reddens the heiney of her fresh mouthed friend. But it also turns her on. Soon the two girls are stripping out of their short skirts and into some sort of latex or plastic clothing as the two girls explore each other's body in see-through rain ponchos.

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