Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Spanking Girls at the Bad House

Studio: Raven Hill

Approximate Running Time: 25.10 minutes

Jessica has landed herself in real trouble. Her cousin Tommy had warned her time and time again that she was heading for a spell in The Bad House – a Reformatory for girls who have gone off the rails.

Tommy spanks her regularly

Now she is sitting on a hard bench in the Bad House. She is nervous and her mind flashes back to the many sessions she spent lying over Tommy’s knee, while he tried to spank some sense into her.

The Assistant Warden at Work

However, here she is, waiting for the Head Warden to come and have a discussion with her.

The first thing he does is take her to see another girl being punished. She watches in horror, realising that she could be that girl.

Just a taster session

Meanwhile, the Head Warder and his assistant are hoping to make some money on the side. An elderly man is disappointed to have missed that spanking, but he is promised some real action very soon.

Fighting is not encouraged

Jessica is caught fighting with another inmate. All over a towel. Both girls are frog marched into the punishment room. What follows is both girls are bent over a table with their knickers pulled down around their ankles. A heavy wide leather strap snakes across each girl’s bottom twenty times, then it’s the other girl’s turn. This pattern is followed several times, until both girls have had a total of about one hundred strokes of the strap.

Both girs are strapped

The elderly man, who is literally drooling, is watching all this through a hole in the wall.

Once the two girls had been sent to their dormitory, the voyeur joins the wardens and hands over some money in gratitude for being allowed to watch the punishment of the girls.

The Head Warden and his assistant share the money, knowing that they are onto a good thing.

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