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Spanking – Failing Grades Again?

Video: Spanking - Failing Grades Again?
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Studio: Urge Alliance
Vanessa came home with bad grades again.....and she knows what is about to happen. She is a little perverted school girl. She knows what happens to naughty school girls that fail classes and school. Vanessa has failed so much at this point, I am starting to wonder is she is doing this on purpose. This is the 5th time I have spanked her this month!!! I love to see her RED ASS while I spank the same spot over and over again. The pain starts to set in right about the time her pussy gets wet. I can see it dripping a little down the side of her leg as I use my rapid fire spank on that fat ass.....Come here Vanessa, you know you want it from daddy.

Stars: Vanessa Lee (White)

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