Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Spanking – Failing Grades Again?

Studio: Urge Alliance

Starring: Vanessa Lee (White)

Approximate Running Time: 06.03 minutes

Vanessa comes home from school. She has failed her exams again – and she is afraid of what will happen when her father finds out.

She doesn’t have long to wait.

Waiting anxiously for his response

He insists on her showing him what she is hiding behind her back. Standing in front of him – nervously shifting her weight from one leg to another, she waits anxiously for his response.

Looking at her sternly, he quietly tells her, he’s going to give her a sound spanking – reminding her that at her last exams, he’d warned her that she would be spanked if there was no improvement in the future.

She tries to shield her bottom

He tells her to kneel on the bed, with her bottom up high.

Pulling her skirt up and tucking it into the waistband, he pulls her knickers down to mid thigh.

Putting an arm around her waist – to keep her in position, his hand leaves its mark on her creamy white bottom.

Her bottom is getting sorer and redder

It is a hard spanking that causes her to attempt to escape, but there is no escape as he’s holding her too tightly.

Will he discover her naughty secret?

However, as the spanking progresses, she has a secret that she hopes he won’t discover. But, he notices her juices, running down the inside of her thighs and remarks on how she is obviously enjoying the spanking.

Could she have failed her exams on purpose?

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