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Spanking Big E 10 – Aunty Erzebet

Video: Spanking Big E 10 - Aunty Erzebet
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Studio: California Star Productions
A call from school has agitated mistress Erzebet. It seems her two young ladies, who currently reside under her care, have been caught smoking at school. Visibly angered, Erzebet quickly brings charges against them when they enter the house. Both deny it and Gia is sent to her room at first. Mirtress Erzebet then begins a session of disciplinary spankings on Isabel's soft bottom. Her school skirt is flipped upwards and hand spanking, and strapping are relegated. In order to detoxify her she decides to give her an enema and asks her to hold her water as the cane is once again smacked against her bottom. Out of her mouth comes a "go get your sister" as Gia obliges. She knows what her auntie has in store for her sibling!

Stars: Gia Paloma, Mistress Erzebet, Little Meow

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