Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Spanked Wives and Cuckolds 6 – Courtney Taylor

Studio: Mojo Studios

Starring: Courtney Taylor and Michael Khan

Approximate Running Time: 28.03 minutes

He is at his wit’s end – his beautiful wife of a few months appears to have lost interest in him and their lovemaking. She just sits around the house all day using her sunbed.

He writes to a relationship expert, explaining his problem and asking for his help.

Michael Khan turns up and introduces himself. Courtney the errant wife is polite to him, although curious to know why he is there.

The Introduction to Her Mentor

She soon realises the purpose of his visit, when she finds herself unceremoniously hauled across his knee. Her short skirt is raised clear of her bottom and he starts spanking her.

The husband sits up and takes notice

At first she is amused by this, but as the spanks become harder and more painful, she starts kicking out and protesting. Her language is disgusting for a well brought up young lady.

Her husband sits watching the expert – inwardly digesting how he should be treating his naughty wife. She lashes out at him, sending him reeling, when her flailing arms hit him hard in his manhood.

Michael asks her several times if she’s learning anything – she says yes but then comes out with a mouthful of abusive language.

Getting Close Up and Personal

Telling her husband that he knows a way of getting her to be more compliant, he suggests blindfolding the husband. Being a trusting soul he goes along with the idea.

Sucking his cock for practice

He can hear what’s going on but can’t see.

Meanwhile, the relationship expert and the naughty wife are adding extras to their lesson.
It’s only when the husband recognises the sounds of his young wife reaching the climax of her orgasm that he roughly pulls off the blindfold and is hurt and disgusted by what he witnesses.

What is going on?

However, the two traitors totally ignore him and carry on regardless.

He is in despair

To add insult to injury – as Michael cums all over her hand, she takes hold of her husband’s hand so transferring the gooey substance to him.

Is there a moral to this story?

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