Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Spanked Wives and Cuckold 2

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Mojo Studio
Starring: Amber Rayne
Approximate Running Time: 35.30 minutes

The husband writes a letter to a relationship expert – explaining how he has problems with his beautiful young wife.

He does all the housework – cooking, cleaning and washing up and his wife has no respect for him.

The expert arrives and her husband introduces the expert to her.

She protests that her husband is a liar, as she does do her share of the housework.

However, it is decided that she needs some therapy, on how to be a good wife.

A Spanking is a Must

The therapy entails giving her a spanking. So she finds herself still protesting loudly over the knee of this dominant stranger.

As the spanking continues, she is turned on big time.

All she needs is a spanking

Meanwhile the husband is watching everything and hopefully learning how to treat his wife.

The expert says he has a special technique that it would be better if the husband didn’t watch what was happening, but he’d be able to hear everything – therefore he is blindfolded.

As the expert slips his rampant cock into her dripping wet pussy, she is gasping and crying out. To make the blindfolded husband believe she is still being spanked, he claps his hands and slaps her face.

She is calling her master daddy and asking for more.

Now what's going on?

The husband becomes a little suspicious because of the noises she is making and he pulls off the blindfold. He can hardly believe what he is seeing – his beautiful wife impaled on the cock of this stranger.

When her husband objects she ridicules him and carries on being fucked by the expert. Occasionally she stops sucking his cock to spit at her husband.

Her husband can't believe it

Eventually, she asks the expert to come in her hot little mouth.

To show her contempt of her husband, she tells him to hold out his hand as she has a present for him. Trustingly, he puts out his hand and she spits into it – leaving a glob of the expert’s cum.

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